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state of the art treatment for gastro-intestinal conditions.

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Our Treatments

Rapid diagnosis and treatment of gasto-intestinal conditions is critical, especially in bowel cancer cases where early diagnosis can transform sucess rates.

The Colorectal Centre Wales can provide you with an immediate consultation, and if necessary organise for surgery to take place promptly, without a NHS waiting list.

Our highly experienced Colorectal Surgeons perform a comprehensive range of the latest treatments. You will be under the constant care of your Consultant and a highly experienced Clinical and Nursing team in clean and safe facilities at Sancta Maria Hospital.

Gasto-Intestinal Treatments

Our highly experienced Colorectal Surgeons can provide the latest treatments for a wide range of gasto-intestinal conditions.

These include, but are not limited to: Haemorrhoids, Anal fissure/fistula, Faecal incontinence, Rectal prolapsed, Inflammatory bowel diseas.

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Diagnostic Test

We provide diagnostic tests to determine the cause of unexplained bowel symptoms (see our symptoms page).

Whatever the result of your tests you can rest assured that your Consultant and his team will offer you the best treatments available in Sancta Maria Hospital's state of the art medical facilities.

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Bowel Cancer - Priority Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with bowel cancer you'll understand the need for surgery to take place quickly, in a clean and safe environment with the country's very best surgeons.

Our Consultants consist of some of Wales' leading NHS consultants, who all operate from Sancta Maria's high quality facilities.

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Without doubt following my surgery I am now convinced that Sancta Maria Hospital is a centre of excellence.